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City Night Trip for an alternative cheap travel program

City Night Trip for an alternative cheap travel program PhotoTraveling is a very fun hobby for someone who likes to see a lot of cultures, foods, or even the way of another people dressing in low cost travelling program. Even, they sometimes are difficult to spare money for this hobby. It’s because they have to travel to another places to see the traditions, customs, or foods and this action is need a lot of money.  To manage this difficulty, many people have to thinking the cheapest way to do the travelling. Cheap travel is an alternative for people who like to travel and see the customs, traditions, or foods as their main purpose without spare a lot of money for their hobby.

One kind of cheap travel is do night trip travelling around the city. This travelling method is very effective to refresh our mind, low cost, and also to make us more know about our city. We can do this cheap travel using bicycle or motorcycle. It’s not recommended to using car because the cost for using car is highest from using bicycle or motorcycle. If we using car for the city night trip, we are have to think about the gasoline cost. As we know, the expensive gasoline cost is the factor that makes our trip become expensive.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of using these kinds of transportation for our trip. If we use motorcycle, we can have larger range of trip than using bicycle. But, the bicycle is also good for cheap travel programs because this kind of transportation doesn’t get cost at all.

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